An island through your eyes!

Do you LOVE Travelling? And are you the type that captures every bit of it with your camera?

All we need from you is to do your thing and capture the mesmerizing beauty and hospitality of this unique Island with your lens.

Get a chance to win an unforgettable trip to the emerald-island of the North Aegean Sea by filling-out the form below and of course by liking & sharing our page discoversamos.

Win a trip to Samos Island!

You’re just 3 small steps away from winning this competition:

1. Fill-out the online application. Here
2. Send us a link to your Instagram or Flickr profile and upload your best-travel photo (maximum 2 MB)! You know you own it so why not flaunt it?
3. Like & share discoversamos. If you’re a tweeter then a tweet will do.
…and of course hit “Accept our terms and conditions”.

Please note that this competition runs until 10/08! After the expiry of the submission period our team at discoversamos will select the top applications based on the following criteria:

1. The most engaging photo or set of photos (the more you provide the better the chances of winning!)
2. The applicants with the most likes and shares on this competition! (Loving = sharing so you can be sure that we will appreciate your facebook likes and twitter tweets!)
3. Your availability to travel to Samos Island during the scheduled dates.


The next-day of the competition for our special winner:

A top-travelling experience: We will make sure that the winner will have a wonderful and comfortable stay in Samos Island.
A get-the-most-out-of-it journey: The winner will explore the lot of a very diverse Island. We will make sure you will get the most out of your trip to Samos Island.
A partner in the quest: The winner will be a partner in our quest to let the world know about the Samos-Island experience. To do so, the winner will participate in a daily photo-blog of their experience using our hashtags.


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Our contest "An Island through your Eyes" has officially come to an end!

The great winner is Tuija Haapaniemi-Seppälä from Finland. Congratulations Tuija!

We would like to thank you all so much for your participation in our contest.

So stay tuned...and remember: Discover Samos and keep your "mouse" close for our next contest.

Get inspired!

You now have the chance to become an integral part of our #discoversamos campaign! You can do so by taking part in our contest for finding the perfect slogan for it, which will also be used as a #hashtag.

Suggest your own slogan that best describes Samos Island. Collect more than 30 votes and enter the final phase of the competition!

Take part and win a MLS Tablet iQTab Atlas (64bit)!

How to participate:
You must fill all the required data, such as your name, surname, e-mail address and phone number.
-You must submit your idea in the application form
-You must read our terms and conditions and make sure to accept them

The slogan should be in English, not greeklish. Also, there should be a maximum of 5 words and it should not exceed 50 charakters in length.

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Our first competition to find a slogan for Discover Samos Campaign has officially come to an end!

Well done to all of you 36 contestants and your inspirational slogans.

4 of 36 slogans managed to get the crowd's attention, gathering more than 30 votes each! Our kudos to the finalists who will continue on the final phase of the contest while one of them will be the great winner of the MLS Tablet to be announced in the coming days!

So stay tuned...and remember: Discover Samos and keep your "mouse" close for our next contest.


The winner is.....

Dionisis Flambouris: Samos - One island many worlds