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"I’ve got a shirt made of the lights of the waters, I’ ve got a golden jacket made of the sunset of Samos and I’ve got a glory made of your first smiles. Four months April, May, June and July are building the four corners of my soul."
-Yannis Ritsos-

A colorful island at the edge of two continents

The Regional Unit and the Chamber of Commerce of Samos invite you to "travel" in Samos through our new page "Discover Samos". Get a small taste of unforgettable holidays, participate in our contests and come to experience the magical aura of the island and the warm hospitality of the local people. Explore every corner of Samos that hides a pleasant and unexpected surprise and unveil the hidden treasures.

Welcome to the island of the Goddess Hera, the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras and the pioneer astronomer Aristarchos.

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An island through your eyes! Do you LOVE Travelling? And are you the type that captures every bit of it with your camera? Then you are probably the winner of a dream-journey to Samos Island in Greece – all expenses covered!

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A glance at Samos island

Samos, the island of long history and great civilization, the endless natural beauty and variety, is waiting for you. Explore the island through a large number of activities combining mountains with sea. Walk in the picturesque alleys of the many villages, get in touch with tradition through mountain and seaside settlements, visit outstanding monuments and let your soul travel to the past where myths and beauty meet. Come to discover the secrets of the birthplace of Pythagoras, the famous philosopher.


Sand or pebble?
Shallow waters or deep waters? Crowded or secluded?


Lush mountains, flowing waters, unspoiled landscapes NATURA 2000...


Ancient Greek monuments included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage...


Numerous activities will help you discover the beauties of the island...

Travel to Samos Island

Choose your country and find out how you can travel to Samos, even if you are a last minute traveler take advantage of the discount offers and make your holiday real. Follow your instinct.

Welcome to Samos!

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